Sunday, June 5, 2011

The great escape.

                 Well when I look at myself I can clearly see how I have learned to find any possible way to escape from what I have created myself to be and my world around me. It is quite a common thing people do to not face them selfs and realize how fucked we are here on earth. So from my personal experience I have used video games and smoking cannabis as my two main things I would use to escape from reality. Needless to say I never escaped and I am still here. The main question we should be asking thou is why do I want to escape? Why do I am I so scared of facing myself and what I have created as myself and what I have participated in creating in the world? Well if one looks in self honesty you will see that we have created a big fuck up and it seems like there is no way out. One would generally think that this problem we have created is to big to fix and that it is pointless to try and stand up for yourself and make a change. Well if you think that you are wrong, to late would be humanity no longer existing and we have a 0% possibility of creating a world were we can actually enjoy our selfs equally.

       So what can one do? I am only one person, so I see that it is common sense to stand with a group that supports the same things I do. That is why I stand with Desteni because I see and realize that it is impossible to bring about a world that is best for all all by myself. I realize that I need support and that I am not a know it all, I don't have all of the answers to how to solve what we have created. And also if one looks you can see we all created this reality together, therefor we must change it together. 1+1=2 so me being 1 I add to the equation and accumulate towards a solution with all of the other 1's. Simple math. So I stand here stopping the abuse within myself so that I can become a human with integrity that stands for equality, that stands for what is best for all, because what is best for all is best for me too!

        The point of this blog post is for all to realize YOU CANT ESCAPE! The only way out is death, and if you do nothing to change what is here then what was the point of your life? No matter how much drugs you take, video games you play, or how hard you try to escape from what is here you always remain.