Wednesday, August 31, 2011

System of Control

        I have realized that the system that we live within is one of control. It is unforgiving and will never support life the way we have things currently set up. We allow our ideas and believes to cause suffering, which is rediculas because these are just ideas and believes. I personally have allowed myself to believe that the system cannot change. But I have realized now that the only thing in the way of change is us. We do not allow ourselves to stand up and expose the shit that goes on daily in our reality and instead quietly submit to the system because we have no other choice. We have no choice. No freedom. Our freedom is limited to how much money we make. We are slaves for money. For pieces of paper we have all agreed are worth somthing.

      My main point of this blog post is to just convey my understanding of how we are each locked into place in this system and that we are but a small part of the whole that creates what happens daily here on earth. We are in place, just a cog in the machine. I have decided to give up this one life. It goes against what I feel, it goes against my thoughts, it goes against what I have been taught growing up. I have to push myself to not fall within previous points of self abuse. But through pushing myself and self honestly looking at my thoughts and actions, I realized that this world could be so much better if we just stand up and shake things up. Show people that we are creating this reality. That the creators are us, that we each individually contribute to what is here.

      We are stuck. Our only chance to set ourselves free is if we allow it to happen. If we do not accept the way things are and change things according to how we want them to be. If we have what is best for all as the principle that we live our lives by then we will allow things to change. Its time we realized that we need change and that we are the only ones that are able to change things.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My perspective on legalizing all drugs.

                So this is an interesting topic that I would like to share my perspective on. So yes I am one vote for legalizing all drugs. Why?

               Well from what I have seen through personal experience with drugs and addictions is that most that are drug addicts or addicts in general do not want to be addicts and want to stop but are stuck in a pattern. So we have a majority of people that do not wish to be addicts. Consider how much money we are spending on drug laws and keeping drugs illegal. It is LOTS OF MONEY. So consider how much money we would be able to redirect if drugs were legal into rehabilitation and things that will benefit humanity. So then we will greatly reduce the amount of drug use and have a more effective society also the price of drugs would change because then they will be not 'hard to get' and will not have a high perceived value. So then we no longer have people getting rich off of drug laws that are in place, the drug dealer will have to sell WAY more drugs but will not have as many people to sell to because people will be getting helped and becoming effective members of humanity.

    "But Sean what about the crackheads that will be walking around the street smoking crack."
         My answer to that is we already have that it is just hidden because the people are not openly smoking crack and this again brings me back to my point about most people not wanting to be addicts. Do you really think a crackhead wants to be a crackhead? So yes I am one vote for legalizing all drugs. It will take away the fact that if somthing is hidden from us humans we want to try it because we are curious to why it is so 'bad'. We will also be able to direct the money from legalization into effective drug education so that kids know what they are seeing and don't get manipulated or tricked into doing drugs because they are not educated enough to make an informed decision.

 To end this blog post I also want to point out that if we had a economic system that is not profit and greed driven drug dealers will virtually not exist. So investigate

If we have a system based on all life living as equals then drugs and drug addiction will no longer be hidden or be taboo because all things will be considered in an equality system all points will be dealt with in a way that is best for all.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am me and you are me and I am you.

Well that title makes me react with the word, weird. lol. Ok so I just want to write about how I am continually seeing and realizing to what extent I influence my inner and outer reality. How I have realized that other people are me as in they are me's to, they call themselfs 'me'. So they are me too so LOL wow, ok so yea. Everything comes from the same source, the physical. Everything I do I am resposible for, everything that I experience I am resposible for. Which means you are too because you are an 'I' too. So we are equally responsible for what is here since we are equally creating what is here through accepting and allowing it to exist.

                 So I also want to touch on the point of ignorance, Ignor-ance. We Ignore everything that is here and live within the context of ignorance is bliss, I am not sure if that is the right way to say that, within the context, but I will go with it. So we live as that statement and in that actually ignore all the abuse in the world. We say ahhh no I must remain ignorant so I can remain blissfull so I dont have to look at the fuckedness of this reality. So pour up the abusive social lubricant we call alcohol and drink yourself into an ignorant bliss. This is why I dont drink alcohol because I do not wish to be a part of a group of people that are doing nothing but perpetuating the system. Alcohol is poison. I understand thou why people drink and do drugs, its common sense actually, people use drugs and drink becauese they want to be ignorant and blissfull and not look at what the fuck is here.

             So back to the original point of self as creator we are all here and untill we change things practically nothing will change. It is up to each individual to stand up, its going to take time, its going to take effort, its going to take discipline, its going to take self honesty, its going to take self forgiveness, self correction, practical physical living, all these things. For things to change we must change them each 'I' and each 'me'. So lets change this world lets live the principle of equality and oneness within the context of what is best for all. = an essential part of bringing heaven to earth

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Debunking Christianity

            So it seems to me that quite a few people believe in God. A being that resides in the heavens and does.... well I am not actually sure what he does. What does God actually do? It is interesting to me that Christianity is influenced by the human and its creative imagination, ideas, beliefs too. So if this stuff is all made up in the mind of the human were was the idea implanted. When did humans first start believing in a god/gods. I am just starting to research Christianity  and so far I have seen that we can never get back to square one, the beginning. It is not something that one can put there finger on.

     Supposedly we were created by God, but if god created us why did he allow us to be created so that we would sin? Why not just make us perfect and not even have the ability to consider sinning? Since I was a child going to church and things like that always seemed odd and strage to me. It seemed like a complete contradiction that someone goes to church and professes to be holy and shit and then goes home and is just a normal human that does not really do anything deferential than other ones. So I am also amazed at how the cristians themselfs proved that god does not exist. Say a group of christians get together and pray for children suffering from starvation. Then eventually they realize shit my prayer is not working the children are still suffering. So the have missionarys that believe there on a mission sent from god. But if god created heaven earth and all that exist WHY CAN HE NOT JUST FEED SOME CHILDREN AND CREATE HOUSES FOR THEM?!?!?!?!?!?!?

       So we have a contradiction here, God is omnipresent and omnipotent but he cannot save some starving children from a horrible fate. God cant even take care of his own creation? I find this contradiction shows how we must practically change things in this worlds ourselves and that we are in charge and are able to in fact save starving children. We need to find a way to stop these conditions from existing at ALL. So we can create a system that is best for all, that way the children would have what everyone else has, what is best for all. So this is what we need is a system based on principles. Currently the system we have is based on inequality, winner takes all, survival of the fittest. Why cant we all be winners and have an equal life were we are equally cared for by the system? Well we can but we have to practicaly implement this system because God is obviously not going to help us out if he cant even give food to some starving children. So I say lets stand together as equals and and create a world that exist within principle, a world that we can all love equally.

     Equality and Oneness
These two principles are what we can live by/as to create one group that stands in equality We are all creators so lets start creating a world that is best for all.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The great escape.

                 Well when I look at myself I can clearly see how I have learned to find any possible way to escape from what I have created myself to be and my world around me. It is quite a common thing people do to not face them selfs and realize how fucked we are here on earth. So from my personal experience I have used video games and smoking cannabis as my two main things I would use to escape from reality. Needless to say I never escaped and I am still here. The main question we should be asking thou is why do I want to escape? Why do I am I so scared of facing myself and what I have created as myself and what I have participated in creating in the world? Well if one looks in self honesty you will see that we have created a big fuck up and it seems like there is no way out. One would generally think that this problem we have created is to big to fix and that it is pointless to try and stand up for yourself and make a change. Well if you think that you are wrong, to late would be humanity no longer existing and we have a 0% possibility of creating a world were we can actually enjoy our selfs equally.

       So what can one do? I am only one person, so I see that it is common sense to stand with a group that supports the same things I do. That is why I stand with Desteni because I see and realize that it is impossible to bring about a world that is best for all all by myself. I realize that I need support and that I am not a know it all, I don't have all of the answers to how to solve what we have created. And also if one looks you can see we all created this reality together, therefor we must change it together. 1+1=2 so me being 1 I add to the equation and accumulate towards a solution with all of the other 1's. Simple math. So I stand here stopping the abuse within myself so that I can become a human with integrity that stands for equality, that stands for what is best for all, because what is best for all is best for me too!

        The point of this blog post is for all to realize YOU CANT ESCAPE! The only way out is death, and if you do nothing to change what is here then what was the point of your life? No matter how much drugs you take, video games you play, or how hard you try to escape from what is here you always remain.

Monday, May 9, 2011

God does not stand for equality

                   A big point to consider for all of the people believing in god, apperently you have to hear gods word listen to it accept jesus christ as your personal savior. Ok so what about the people that live in poverty and have never even heard of a bible? This is what someone told me that believes in god "well thats why there are christian missionarys to help those people and spread the word of god". Ok so then what about the people that are not 'lucky' enough to have a missionary come spread the word of god? According to christians and people who believe in god there fucked. And I have heard that god makes acceptions for those people because they have not heard of him before. WTF so there is a key thing that is fucked up about 'God', if you dont hear about him or it, then your fucked and you go to hell. Also he does not stand for equality because if he did he would not MAKE people believe in him so they can be saved from hell. Also wtf why did god make hell? and if your answer is well because man is evil. Why the fuck did he make man evil? Just some things I wanted to point out. It is time to take responibility for ourselfs here and stop abdicating our responsibilty to somthing that does not exist.