Wednesday, August 31, 2011

System of Control

        I have realized that the system that we live within is one of control. It is unforgiving and will never support life the way we have things currently set up. We allow our ideas and believes to cause suffering, which is rediculas because these are just ideas and believes. I personally have allowed myself to believe that the system cannot change. But I have realized now that the only thing in the way of change is us. We do not allow ourselves to stand up and expose the shit that goes on daily in our reality and instead quietly submit to the system because we have no other choice. We have no choice. No freedom. Our freedom is limited to how much money we make. We are slaves for money. For pieces of paper we have all agreed are worth somthing.

      My main point of this blog post is to just convey my understanding of how we are each locked into place in this system and that we are but a small part of the whole that creates what happens daily here on earth. We are in place, just a cog in the machine. I have decided to give up this one life. It goes against what I feel, it goes against my thoughts, it goes against what I have been taught growing up. I have to push myself to not fall within previous points of self abuse. But through pushing myself and self honestly looking at my thoughts and actions, I realized that this world could be so much better if we just stand up and shake things up. Show people that we are creating this reality. That the creators are us, that we each individually contribute to what is here.

      We are stuck. Our only chance to set ourselves free is if we allow it to happen. If we do not accept the way things are and change things according to how we want them to be. If we have what is best for all as the principle that we live our lives by then we will allow things to change. Its time we realized that we need change and that we are the only ones that are able to change things.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My perspective on legalizing all drugs.

                So this is an interesting topic that I would like to share my perspective on. So yes I am one vote for legalizing all drugs. Why?

               Well from what I have seen through personal experience with drugs and addictions is that most that are drug addicts or addicts in general do not want to be addicts and want to stop but are stuck in a pattern. So we have a majority of people that do not wish to be addicts. Consider how much money we are spending on drug laws and keeping drugs illegal. It is LOTS OF MONEY. So consider how much money we would be able to redirect if drugs were legal into rehabilitation and things that will benefit humanity. So then we will greatly reduce the amount of drug use and have a more effective society also the price of drugs would change because then they will be not 'hard to get' and will not have a high perceived value. So then we no longer have people getting rich off of drug laws that are in place, the drug dealer will have to sell WAY more drugs but will not have as many people to sell to because people will be getting helped and becoming effective members of humanity.

    "But Sean what about the crackheads that will be walking around the street smoking crack."
         My answer to that is we already have that it is just hidden because the people are not openly smoking crack and this again brings me back to my point about most people not wanting to be addicts. Do you really think a crackhead wants to be a crackhead? So yes I am one vote for legalizing all drugs. It will take away the fact that if somthing is hidden from us humans we want to try it because we are curious to why it is so 'bad'. We will also be able to direct the money from legalization into effective drug education so that kids know what they are seeing and don't get manipulated or tricked into doing drugs because they are not educated enough to make an informed decision.

 To end this blog post I also want to point out that if we had a economic system that is not profit and greed driven drug dealers will virtually not exist. So investigate

If we have a system based on all life living as equals then drugs and drug addiction will no longer be hidden or be taboo because all things will be considered in an equality system all points will be dealt with in a way that is best for all.