Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am me and you are me and I am you.

Well that title makes me react with the word, weird. lol. Ok so I just want to write about how I am continually seeing and realizing to what extent I influence my inner and outer reality. How I have realized that other people are me as in they are me's to, they call themselfs 'me'. So they are me too so LOL wow, ok so yea. Everything comes from the same source, the physical. Everything I do I am resposible for, everything that I experience I am resposible for. Which means you are too because you are an 'I' too. So we are equally responsible for what is here since we are equally creating what is here through accepting and allowing it to exist.

                 So I also want to touch on the point of ignorance, Ignor-ance. We Ignore everything that is here and live within the context of ignorance is bliss, I am not sure if that is the right way to say that, within the context, but I will go with it. So we live as that statement and in that actually ignore all the abuse in the world. We say ahhh no I must remain ignorant so I can remain blissfull so I dont have to look at the fuckedness of this reality. So pour up the abusive social lubricant we call alcohol and drink yourself into an ignorant bliss. This is why I dont drink alcohol because I do not wish to be a part of a group of people that are doing nothing but perpetuating the system. Alcohol is poison. I understand thou why people drink and do drugs, its common sense actually, people use drugs and drink becauese they want to be ignorant and blissfull and not look at what the fuck is here.

             So back to the original point of self as creator we are all here and untill we change things practically nothing will change. It is up to each individual to stand up, its going to take time, its going to take effort, its going to take discipline, its going to take self honesty, its going to take self forgiveness, self correction, practical physical living, all these things. For things to change we must change them each 'I' and each 'me'. So lets change this world lets live the principle of equality and oneness within the context of what is best for all. = an essential part of bringing heaven to earth

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