Monday, May 9, 2011

God does not stand for equality

                   A big point to consider for all of the people believing in god, apperently you have to hear gods word listen to it accept jesus christ as your personal savior. Ok so what about the people that live in poverty and have never even heard of a bible? This is what someone told me that believes in god "well thats why there are christian missionarys to help those people and spread the word of god". Ok so then what about the people that are not 'lucky' enough to have a missionary come spread the word of god? According to christians and people who believe in god there fucked. And I have heard that god makes acceptions for those people because they have not heard of him before. WTF so there is a key thing that is fucked up about 'God', if you dont hear about him or it, then your fucked and you go to hell. Also he does not stand for equality because if he did he would not MAKE people believe in him so they can be saved from hell. Also wtf why did god make hell? and if your answer is well because man is evil. Why the fuck did he make man evil? Just some things I wanted to point out. It is time to take responibility for ourselfs here and stop abdicating our responsibilty to somthing that does not exist.

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  1. cool! unfortunately, religious people lose their ability to see common sense