Friday, May 6, 2011

Hell on earth

The Abyss is just above the lake of fire. None of them is a place I would like you to spend the enternity

               People are so scared to die and go to hell, but it is already here. This world is full of suffering, people experience burning to death here just like you would in hell. The earth is full of demons sucking the life out of life, raping the planet for its resources and treating it as a dumping ground. The side of the roads are littered with cigarettes and beer cans, fast food bags, and other garbage. I see that people just dont give a fuck if they are destroying the planet because they dont consider the beings that will be living once there dead. Has anyone ever heard of the saying give as you would like to recieve? Well I know that I would want to live in a world that is best for all and all life live in dignity, in equality. That is why I give my time doing things like this blog to expose the fuckedupness of humanity, exposing how humanity is manifesting its own destruction. Realize that the pollution of the oceans is because of us humanity, the current system, all of it is because of our acceptance and allowance of the system to perpetuate. I am no longer accepting and allowing this system to perpetuate I am doing what is best for all and exposing it for what it really is, so that we can put a new system in place. Humanity will not just suddenly get better, you cant just wait and see, it takes practical steps to change anything. We are all in this together living on the same planet, we all share this space lets start acting like it and do whats best for all and replace the current system with an equal money system.

         In an equal money system we will be able to focus on real things that actually matter. Like ending the starvation in this world, ending child labor/slavery, ending profit games, ending abusive advertising, ending greed, ending self abuse, creating new infrastructure that supports life, exploring the world, educating the youth, enjoying life, we can focus on what is best for all. In an equal money system people will realize that what is best for all is best for them too, Equal money will support life. Life will be honored and dignified, all will have equal opportunity to live a dignified life. The struggle to survive will no longer exist, neither will survival of the fittest. Every one will be equal and be supporting life unconditionally as they support themselfs, because there life too! Possessions will no longer possess you because they will be support not a possession. So in an equal money system the world will be put in order and we will be able to focus on things that matter that we have never had the chance to focus on before because you will not have to spend all your days getting money while a few get rich. In an equal money system there will be no rich no poor, all life will be equally considered so that the polarity manifestation of rich and poor will no longer exist. Support equal money, I am one vote for an equal money system. We are all responsible for this fuck up lets take responsibility for our actions and change this world.

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