Monday, May 2, 2011

New blog

I have made a separate blog for my personal process, this blog is now dedicated to exposing the abuse in this world. I will be talking about current issues that exist in this world that create inequality and abuse. My goal for this blog is to expose this reality for what it really is and to open people eyes to what is here and present a solution. The equal money system, this is the only solution and is a solution that is best for all, there is no other practical way to solve the issues in the world. We need to replace the current system, throw it all out and start from scratch. We only have a limited time on earth so its about time we make use of our time here to create a world that we can honor and that will honor us. We all share this world it is time to start acting like it and love thy neighbor as thyself, give as you would like to receive. We can all share this earth there is nothing stopping us but ourselfs. There is plenty of resources on this earth to support all life here, this world should be a place were all have fun. The human has created hell on earth it is up to us humans to stop this fuck up, the future is in our hands.

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