Friday, April 29, 2011

The internet and Equal money

                       Since I have started my process my starting point within using the internet has changed from that of entertainment to that of a tool. Now I use the internet for assisting and supporting myself within my process, and to be a part of the accumulation of Desteni. I am assisting and supporting others within using the internet too by vlogging and blogging sharing my process. So it is cool to be a part of Desteni from the perspective that I am a brick in the wall so to speak, the wall of life that is going to bring about an equal money system. I am an equal brick and no brick in the wall or pyramid or what ever is greater than the other were all equal in it. That is why an equal money system is so cool, because in the current system the people at the top of the pyramid being superior and all the others being inferior.In an equal money system this superior/inferior polarity manifestation will no longer exist. 

                       The internet is a great tool that is to be used for what is best for all. With the internet we are able to effectively accumulate and bring about equal money depending on how effective each one is. It is like anything in this world, the more people the more effect it has. That is why the effects on the earth are so great and it is manifesting extreme weather, it is the accumulation of the abuse of humanity. Humanity is insanity that is what it is currently, I say this because the earth is being destroyed and people are more worried about buying an outfit to wear to a party. People go out shopping for stylish expensive sunglasses to look cool why others starve to death. I am sure that if you walk out onto the street and interview people about Fukashima and the reactor crisis some wont even know wtf your talking about. I had a 'friend' laugh when I told him about it because of the name of the location because it had Fuk in it. He did not even know what I was talking about and could care less too. "If I cant see it and its not hurting me then fuck it" that is the attitude of humanity currently.

                     The internet is currently being abused and is not being utilized as a tool to spread awareness it is being used for entertainment. Online gaming, porn, online poker, and much more useless things. But what isn't being abused in this world? I am trying to think of something and cannot if someone reads this and would like to show me something that is not being abused due to the current money system or humans please show me. People abuse them selfs daily and don't even realize it, it is thought that masturbation is healthy and looking at porn is just normal. Having sex with multiple partners is just normal especially if your not in a relationship yeah go ahead you have free choice. Free choice to abuse yourself and others and life, I would like to point out what Niklas said in a photo of his. You have to choices in this world to be self honest or self dishonest here is what Niklas said "good- that which is best for all...... Bad- that which does not take all life into consideration." So really free choice is just the choice to abuse, free choice is just something to hide behind as a justification for not standing up for all life an what is best for all.

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