Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Answering my fathers prayers

Well I talked to my dad recently and was chatting about how I had transcended insomnia and stopped using an alarm to wake up. He said to me "Sean the way I see it is that what is happening to you his an answer of my prayers". I replied "Dad just realize that If I had not decided to stand up and be self responsible your prayers would not have gotten answered". This was it in the conversation because after I said that he reacted and just said " yea well I was just telling you how I see it". He knows I dont believe in god and have asked him questions like why do starving people exist and why would god allow that?. He says well there are ways to help that and the reason starvation exist is because of sin, there are lots of Cristian missionary's helping that. It is like you simply cannot have a common sense conversation with someone that is religious because all the problems in this world are solved by god and accepting Jesus as your personal savior. So what happens to the people that are in third world countries that have never seen a bible or herd of it do they go to hell? that is another question I asked him and he brought up the missionary point again. So religious people are simply possessed by there idea of god and there fear of death. It is fucked how someone can believe that god is the answer when they look at the world today. I just recently had a Cristian tell me that the Apocalypse is happening and Jesus is coming back to save us. They abdicate there responsibility as a being to an idea/belief that they are saved from there death and will live eternally in heaven. No wonder shit is fucked up we have people not giving a shit because they think there gonna die and go to this great heaven why should they care about earth? And the worst part of it all is that none of them {that I have met} actually live the message of Jesus. Stand up Christians your god is not real you have been brainwashed and your god not save you from death it is going to happen, you already know much about Jesus its time to live the message of Jesus!

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  1. Cool the insomnia part, Sean!
    Well, discussing with Christians is like talking to a parrot - they keep repeating the same stuff. I found there is no 'entry' for common sense.