Wednesday, April 27, 2011


               Im going to talk about an experience I had today when meeting with my probation officer. I have not seen her since I started my process and last time I was in her office I was still smoking every day. So I went into the building went up to her office and she comments on how I look good and healthy. I said "yep haha I have changed quite dramatically, She asks "how did you do it?". LOL I told her "self honesty and self forgiveness", and then I explained how it works and did some examples for her. I also told her how it was not hard to quit once I took self responsibility. I also explained how I was fed up with the system and fed up with living in a capitalistic consumerism county. She said "wow thats cool so are you still seeing your phycologist?" Me "nope". her "are you with any groups or going to any meetings?" me "nope... well I am a  part of a group called desteni and we stand up for equality". I explained to her why I shaved my head and how we are changing our selfs to change the world because thats what this world needs. So she asked for the links to the websites and I gave her the desteni website link and equal money link. After we ha chatted for a bit I took my drug test, passed it and now I am not going to have a possession of marijuana charge on my record anymore. When I got back from taking the test she said to me "aren't you afraid you going to go back to it?" I laughed and said "lol nope, I can confidently say I am never going to smoke weed ever again." she looked at me in amazement and said "wow well thats really awesome Sean". She told me good luck when we were done and I said "thanks but I dont need luck" and she said "well I wish you the best then" haha. So when she was walking me out she asked me If I would like to come talk to the other people that are on probation I said I might. I would like to talk to the people there about my experience and how I overcame it, but the place is very far away so im probably only going to do it a couple times. So that would be cool, I would never have seen me as the guy speaking about overcoming my addictions and telling people and giving them the tools of self honesty and self forgiveness a month ago. I have changed so much and continue to change myself it is truly amazing. Her final question was "so your phyc. did not help you out at all? he did not recomend any of this?" I said "nope he did not help me at all". she said "well I guess were out of work here". That comment when looking at it self honestly if there was no drug crimes and no people addicted to drugs then she would have no job, the probation office would not exist. So In an equal money system these types of probation offices were people go because of drug crimes to be drug tested and get assigned to community service would not exist. A self honest self responsible human being see's that drugs are not needed to be a productive human. It see's that one does not need a substance to express itself and to feel happy. A self honest human sees that drugs are for when you have a medical problem that cannot be fixed without them. But an honest human will think that they need drugs in order to feel happy and that they themselfs cant. I see cannabis as supportive for serious medical conditions. It can be used practically to assist and support someone with a terminal illness, just like a pain killer. We use opiates to treat pain but because humans are not self responsible they abuse them to get high, just like cannabis. So this is a prime example on how the human needs to change in order for substances like this to be used in a common sense way. The human in its current brainwashed condition cannot even see that if they smoke weed to get rid of anxiety or to make them selfs feel better they are abusing them selfs. So the change needs to be on an individual level that is why we at Desteni do what we do because we realize this point. Stand up for life, become a Destonian.

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