Saturday, April 16, 2011

Waking up at 2 am again

Ok so my brother came into my room at 2 am today to get the laptop from my room. I woke up when he entered and said " Im already awake what do you want" I was not angry and was kind of upset because this situation had just happened the other night but I was more aware of myself this time. I said im already awake because he was trying to be sneaky ha. So he said " I just want the laptop" I had the laptop on the opposite side of the bed to where the entrance to my room is. I picked up the laptop and put it on the other side of the bed. He said "thanks this would not be a problem If I had a phone but I want to get a hold of my friends". I said "well is there anyway you could not come into my room while I am sleeping?". Then he replied and said " yes if you would leave the laptop out when you go to sleep". Then he left my room I went to take a piss then layed back down and fell back asleep. This is proof that self-forgiveness works. I wrote a blog about my previous experience with the same situation. Also an observation, my mind wanted to go into blame and go into thoughts and reactions but I simply breathed and did not feed into these reactions. Also another observation humans tend to say sorry allot, like when I said "Im already awake what do you want?" he said im sorry before replying also when he left my room he said im sorry again. Why do we have to be sorry all the time? Why cant we simply consider others as equals? this is what I have been working on in regards to spitefulness and the point of ego. Its pretty cool that I was able to fall back asleep after this happened  seeing that It was a completely different situation last time.

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