Thursday, April 21, 2011

New car

So my mom and dad are pitching in to get me a new car, I as well am pitching in. My mom just brought it home so we can test it out and make sure I like it. I dont really care what kind of car I get because I dont care about being cool or driving around in a cool car. But what has been picked out is a Chevy colbolt its a coup and its red. I was just driving it around with my mom and I was not acting all exited or anything, I was just driving it testing it out. When we got done I said "im not exited because I dont really want a car", she says " Well I would think that you would be really exited its a nice car". I said " yea its a nice car and there is nothing wrong with it, and the only reason im getting it is because I need it, I have no choice". After that we started walking into the house and my mom sayed "it sucks to see you like this you have no joy". I sayed "I still do things that I enjoy but im not going to sit back while the world is existing this was and go off and live a 'happy' life". then she said " well I went through the same thing your going through when I was building our house because I knew there were people starving out there and did not even have a place to stay, so I gave money to the causes I wanted to." She also said "I choose happyness [lol free will]" so then I said " im just not going to sit back and live a 'happy life' whatever that is and ignore what is going on in this world when I know I can change it". She got upset and said "that is not what I was talking about." She was trying to get me to accept my preprogrammed self the self that lives in ignorance of what is going on around it. She told me "you need to find your happyness" WTF does that mean..... It means that I should accept and allow my limitations as a preprogrammed happiness robot that accepts an abusive brutal unforgiving system where life is not honored. So yea I have a new car now whoopdi doo, it is simply a tool that I can use for transportation. I am not going to go out and show people and be like yea look at my cool new car and all that shit. I dont give a fuck about whether people think my car is cool or not. So yea I am not exited about getting a new car that helps me be a part of this system, that is why I am one vote for an equal money system and am changing myself.

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