Monday, April 11, 2011


So I talked to my mom about starting the desteni I process and she is freaked out. She got pretty angry at me and we had an arugement about why I am joining and stuff. She said that I should go into charitys and stuff like that for animal abuse and starving kids. She dosent realize that we are the root of those problems and the problem is the way the human exists as the "I". She dose not realize that the reasons why charitys exist in the first place is because of the money sysetem. She wants me to join cycling groups so that I can meet people in my town to hang out with. The problem is that I dont want to hang out with people that are okay with the way the world exists and I dont want to go join a cycling group so I can have "friends". I am fine with being alone for now because it is kindof cool not having to rely on others to have a good time. I am enjoying being a part of desteni and a part of the solution for this world. My mom is fearful of me not being able to make enough money to support myself through the DIP. So I am no longer going to talk about desteni with my family as it only gets them pissed off. I am going to "do my thing" and keep chugging along with this. She wants me to go to college and to work a day job and to buy a car. Its like she is trying to direct my life its pretty weird and uncomfortable.

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