Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finding myself

So I am 19 years old now about to turn 20 and my whole life I have been searching for the answers to life and searching for a better life. Well now I have found the answer and it is me. I am the key to making my life better not drugs, sex, friends or money. I am finally living and living with a purpose. I used to smoke weed.... alot of weed like everyday and cigs I would wake up with a bong right beside me and the first thing I would do is take a hit. I had lost all motivation and was really depressed and thought about suicide alot and did not give a fuck about anybody anything. I also did not have a lot of money so I would have to sell drugs just to get them. So I was stuck in like a cycle of getting high and fucking my life up. My parents have always wanted the best for me and were just sitting back watching me destroy my life. They offered to send me to rehab they lectured me they did everything that they thought would change me. So I now have realized that I am the only one that can change me. I smoked everyday almost all day my life was revolved around getting high, I started smoking weed very young too at the age of 13. So I had been smoking for quite some time. Recently I made the decision to quit smoking weed and cigs, its been like 2 weeks now and im never looking back. I am have a much clearer head now and am actually for once enjoying my life. I no longer wake up thinking fuck another day in this miserable life of mine. I am exited about living now and see each breath as an opportunity. My life has truly changed and I thank desteni for their unconditional support.  

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