Monday, April 25, 2011


I was doing community service today finishing my last 8 hour day at the DAV [disabled american veterans] thrift store and a song called I want candy came on. Now im sure most people know this song and have heard it multiple times, there are multiple artists that preform this song. I remember when I was a kid this song would come on and I would think "ohhh I want some candy too" lol. But now that I am not a kid and I am 19 years old I realize this song is about desiring a female. So its cool to look at how we interpreter things when we are children and how we simply dont grasp the concept of desire to the extent of someone who has matured. This point of music of desiring women and seeing them as 'candy' must have some sort of impact on the child's brain and would have a role in how the child develops. Even if the child learns to desire actual candy then his/her brain will associate the desire they feel for candy towards woman when they grow up. So have a look at things that you children are being bombarded with every day by the music industry. I cant even turn on the radio without having to flip through at bunch of channels with sexual songs. In the music industry today we no longer are subtle about desiring sex, it is put out there as the main point of the song. I have recently found out that at least 3 big telecommunication companies are a part of the porn industry. And they use other producers and don't use there big company name on the porn they support producing. Our society has become sensationalized through media and these media company's are most likely supporting porn. So if one is self honesty you should be grasping the picture here, Our life is controlled by the media. Through them identifying our wants needs desires thoughts and emotions they are able to use commercials to entice us into buying something. So the porn industry has seeped into reality and plays a role in our every day lives, through the media supporting it. Consider this would you like to have a child in this world were he/she is programmed by the mass media to become a clone of what society 'should be'? I most definitely would not this is why we need  to educate ourself and become a directive force in changing this reality to a place that is best for all. If you have any excuses/justifications know that your part of the problem. Each and every one on this earth is responsible for what has been accepted and allowed in this reality. It is time we stand up and stop this and to not accept and allow an abusive system were life is not honored but is cloned to be another 'happy consumer'. Just have a look at the word consume, A "consumer" is the one who consumes the goods and services produced, what is the producer? The economy. But who produces the economy? Humans. And who produces Humans? Other humans.But the underlining producer is THE EARTH and if we continue to consume faster than the rate the producer can produce. Well you do the math. Consumer is normally associated with the word economy so no one sees what the underlining producer is and live in ignorance thinking the economy will support them always. Its time for a new system, a new world investigate the links on my blog page if you are fed up and want to stand up and make a real change.

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